How & Where to Listen

You would think it might be difficult to find K-pop in the Bay Area considering it has to make it all the way overseas. That may have been the case just a half a decade ago, but nowadays you can find K-pop music and merchandise all over America and especially the Bay Area!

Here are some of the best places to fulfill your K-pop needs:



America’s First 24-Hour KPOP TV Station

Listen to all your favorite K-pop hits and more on the San Francisco Bay Area’s local radio and TV hotspot! Check out our full review here.

KSJO: Bolly 92.3FM

A radio station that normally plays Bollywood music in the bay area.

Tune in every Sunday from 6pm to 9pm to hear a fun K-pop segment with changing themes.

K-Ville Entertainment

This YouTube channel posts a new video everyday and is great for beginners to K-pop.

You will find weekly and monthly charts of the current best K-pop music to keep you up to date–great if you do not know where to start looking! You will also find fun trivia and a community of great people who all love K-pop!

Kinokuniya Bookstore

A Japanese bookstore located in San Francisco, CA.

Do not be fooled–this bookstore has a nice selection of K-pop albums and merchandise to appease your inner K-pop fan.


A Korean karaoke bar located in San Francisco, CA.

Come with your friends and rent a room to sing karaoke in all night long! Choose from your favorite K-pop hits or discover a new favorite while you snack on delicious Korean dishes! Check out our full review here.


Want to learn more? Check out our page all about the basics of K-pop for beginners here.

This list is always growing and evolving. If you have any suggestions for an additions to this page, please contact us here.