Spartan Stellas

Spartan Stellas is a university recognized, student-run organization at San Jose State University. Founded by Kylee Valdez (that’s me!) with Elisa Hernandez in May 2016, the Stellas is a group for female students to perform a cappella (a type of music in which no instruments are used) and to foster on-campus relationships and connections.

As President, I have done an extensive amount of promotion on our social media accounts as well as event planning, managing and communicating with various on and off campus venues interested in seeing the Stellas perform. I take my role as a leader on campus very seriously, and I pride myself on leaving myself open to all members to come to me with their concerns.

I run our Instagram, Facebook and Twitter pages! One of our recent campaigns included the #StellaSpotlight campaign to introduce our members. Click here to see the campaign!

Check out some samples of my work below!

Social Media Graphics

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