Schools & Classes

Looking to learn Korean in the bay area?

Check out these schools below for great Korean language classes for beginners and beyond!


San Jose Learning Center

South Bay Area (San Jose, CA)

[We did a full post on this one! Check it out here for more information]

Adroit College

South Bay Area (Milpitas, CA)

Do you want to attend class but have a hard time working it out with your work schedule? Adroit College offers their classes in the evening with most starting shortly after 7pm. From beginning to advanced, you will find a class that will fit your busy schedule here.

Joyful Korean School

South Bay Area (Milpitas, CA)

Have a child that are interested in learning Korean? JKS at Adroit College offers this program specifically for Korean-American children. What better time to start than at a young age when learning languages comes naturally.

King Sejong Institute (KSI)

San Francisco Bay Area

A branch off of Korean Center, Inc (KCI), this institute offers a wide range of class from the basics of the Korean alphabet to more advanced classes. Classes are 12-15 weeks long and range from $335-$365. Register early and get a $30 early-bird special!

University of California, Berkeley

East Bay Area (Berkeley, CA)

UC Berkeley offers elementary and intermediate Korean classes with a emphasis on modern speech. There are numerous classes offered during the regular school year. The classes are also offered over the summer session and last 10 weeks, which can be found here.


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