Do you like food? I know you like food. We all like food.

And what better food is there than Korean food? Dare I say, none!

So let us learn a little more about the most popular Korean cuisine in the Bay Area.


Korean Barbecue


Delicious marinated cuts of beef, chicken and pork served with rice, side dishes called banchan (반찬) and a variety of lettuces.

Okay, so this one had to be done. If you have not had Korean BBQ, what are you doing with your life? Head to one of the places listed above and get your life back on track.

Korean Fried Chicken


Crispy, crunchy and delicious–everything you would expect from fried chicken. Often served with Korean beer and pickled radish.

What? Fried chicken? Believe it or not, fried chicken is almost as Korean as kimchi (김치). You can find plenty of great Korean-style fried chicken places all over the greater Bay Area.

Bibimbap (비빔밥)


A stone pot filled with warm rice, a crazy number of fresh and pickled vegetables, beef and often times egg–mix everything together with gochujang (고추장), Korean red pepper paste.

Bibimbap is a staple Korean dish. Fresh, healthy and relatively cheap, this dish is a winner all around and a must-try.

Jajangmyeon (자장면)


A Korean-Chinese hybrid dish of noodles served warm with a savory black bean sauce, squash, onion and cucumber. Usually includes small pieces of beef and/or shrimp.

This is Chinese food in South Korea–not fried rice and orange chicken. Delicious and sometimes harder to find, it is worth the search.


This list is always growing and evolving. If you have any suggestions for an additions to this page, please contact us here.