Koreatown: Santa Clara

The South Bay Area of Santa Clara Valley is home to an area known to the locals as an unofficial Koreatown. Although it is not formally labelled as Koreatown like it is down south in Los Angeles, there is a thriving Korean community filled with people, stores, restaurants and more.

So why bother heading all the way down to Southern California in your search for a Koreatown? Look no further than our own great Bay Area for all of your Korean culture experiences! There is no where better for beginners to go in the bay.

Location of Koreatown in Santa Clara. [Credit: http://bit.ly/2eK7upz%5D
Sunset.com has outlined some of the best restaurants, spas and shopping spots to explore around Koreatown, Santa Clara here. This is a great, concise list of the best of the best places to check out in your visit to the valley.

The Mercury News has a great article on their website as well outlining the strong Korean presence in Santa Clara despite there being no marked indicator of one here. It only makes sense that the city label the area with the representation its communities are asking for, but it may take a while to do so. But, do not fret. Santa Clara will always have a Koreatown in the heart of its citizens.

If you are looking for some places to visit with your family to experience a taste of  Korean culture in the South Bay, check out Bay Area Family Travel‘s list of places to visit in Santa Clara’s Koreatown here. There are plenty of family friendly options to choose from, so bring the whole family!

What are you waiting for? Head down to the Santa Clara Valley today to surround yourself in all things Korean culture.