Meetup Alert for 11/23/16: San Francisco

The San Francisco Korean Language & Culture Meetup group is hosting an event on Wednesday, November 23rd from 6:00 to 9:00 pm.

Located at Under the Dome, Westfield Shopping Center (845 Market St.), the group will meet by the cafe at the longest table on the 4th floor.

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2016 Holiday Celebration of Korean Culture: San Francisco

As we covered before last month here, the Korean Center, Inc of San Francisco hosts Korean culture events every month.

This month, the main attraction is their 2016 Holiday Celebration of Korean Culture hosted by Connect to Korea.

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Koreatown: Santa Clara

The South Bay Area of Santa Clara Valley is home to an area known to the locals as an unofficial Koreatown. Although it is not formally labelled as Koreatown like it is down south in Los Angeles, there is a thriving Korean community filled with people, stores, restaurants and more.

So why bother heading all the way down to Southern California in your search for a Koreatown? Look no further than our own great Bay Area for all of your Korean culture experiences! There is no where better for beginners to go in the bay.

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