Korean Community Center of the East Bay

The Korean Community Center of the East Bay, or KCCEB, is a Korean-American community service organization founded in the late 70’s.

Their goals are to provide “community leadership, advocacy and direct services in the areas of immigration/citizenship, social services, domestic violence and sexual assault, youth leadership development, and faith-based community building.”

That is a ton of way KCCEB helps Korean-Americans advance themselves! Seeing as there are so many causes to rally behind, there is mostly likely going to be at least one that appeals to you!


KCCEB does not just provide all these services, but they are a leading non-profit organization as well! Donating your time to such a worthy cause would definitely be worth it!

The counties KCCEB serves. [Credit:http://bit.ly/2daTYMj%5D
They can always use more support, and if you need or want somewhere to volunteer, contacting them here is a great idea!


For more information, visit their website here.

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