Playground Korean Karaoke: San Francisco

Karaoke–it is a definite staple of almost every Asian culture and Koreans are no exception. Korean karaoke bars, or noraebang (노래방), are a fun way to blow off steam after a long, stressful day of work or just have fun with some friends.

Playground is a primarily Korean karaoke bar located in Japantown, San Francisco that’s main goal is to offer a “relaxed and playful environment, where customers can dine, share a carafe of soju and belt a tune”. True to the noraebang in South Korea, Playground offers private rooms for you to rent with your friends with three different ones to choose from.

Your best bet to getting a room on those busy weekends is to make a reservation which can easily be done on their website here. A room costs around $30/hr and the bill can be split amongst your party, so the more the merrier!

The music selection is extensive, but if you are going to go the extra mile to check out a specifically Korean karaoke bar, you cannot skip out on the k-pop! They even give you small instruments and noise-makers, true to a noraebang you might find on the streets of Seoul.

Hungry? Playground offers a vast selection from the traditional “home-style” Korean dishes you might expect and delicious snacks inspired by the street food carts of South Korea. They also offer catering for your events for up to 50 people and to-go orders for those nights you  just cannot stay to sing.

Some of the food Playground has to offer. [Credit:

As to be expected since Korean drinking culture is so strong, they also offer a full bar with a “vast selection of premium liquor”. For the real Korean experience, order a bottle of soju (소주) with your meal–it really is a must.

Keep in mind that Playground is strictly 21 years and older, folks. Stay safe and keep it off the road!

For more information, you can visit their website hereOr check them out on Facebook and give them a like here.

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