Hankook Supermarket: San Jose

Hankook Supermarket has been a long time favorite of mine and my family. Amid all of the Korean supermarket options in San Jose, CA, this one is my favorite because of its easily navigated aisles and fun and friendly atmosphere. Walk in at anytime during the day and you can hear a mix of current hits and throwbacks of K-pop tracks. That tell-tale fishy Asian market smell is absent in this location. Rather, it is replaced by a smell of fresh vegetables and cooking food from the mini-restaurant/food stand at the back of the store.

A selection of the banchan (반찬), or side-dishes for sale at Hankook Supermaket. [Credit: http://bit.ly/2cSK94n%5D

You can find everything you need here–their wares vary from vegetables you can only find at a specialty store such as this to fun Korean snacks to skin care to clothing. When you enter, you are greeted by a display of accessories to your right, and as you continue along the perimeter of the store, you will find a myriad of small stand including one for makeup, clothing, shoes, and pastries.

Some of the groceries on display at Hankook Supermarket. [Credit: http://bit.ly/2dltUxG%5D

Next time you need to pick up some groceries for that Korean dish you’ve been dying to try to make or just want a place you can browse the aisles at and see new surprises at every turn, head to Hankook Supermarket!

Check out their website here for the full address and more information!

[Featured picture credit: http://bit.ly/2cXQHvs]